from by Anti-One



I just wanna have fun

I’m done writing poetry, I’m done playing locally, while you’re counting the rosary, i’m making moves, globally, hear the beat and you know it’s me, spit straight at your girl’s ovaries, only show off when it’s socially, only bare teeth for diplomacy, Americans hold it down on the slow beat, ‘cause they’re obese, all groceries, no rowing teams, they don’t know these streets, i don’t want a broke ass beat, i don’t wanna have to scroll through tweets, i just wanna grow this heat, i wanna perfect my flow so mean, you know what I mean? I’m a king when I sing, when I rap and the snare claps.

It’s time for sad songs to end, i don’t wanna hear the same thing again, your boyfriend left you, your girlfriend left you, put down the mic, ‘cause you disrespect it. And you disrespect me, bad news, i’m coming for my enemies, your melodies are ripped from the 70s, progression is one of my specialities, i’m onstage, explosion of energy, you’re offstage, think you can better me, well here, take the mic back, let’s see can you claim your life back, crowd can’t hear you, blame the mic jack, you’re just mumbling on a shite track, you’ll never get a chick with a nice rack, you’ll never survive in Chiraq, you can’t even survive in my shack.

Fuck songs about love, fuck songs about death.
Fuck songs about fucking, fuck songs about meth.
Fuck songs about breakups, fuck songs about pain.
Fuck songs about girls, fuck songs about chains.


from PROCRASS, released April 29, 2017
Additional vocals by Claire McNamara



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